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Eating my way around Queenstown (Not sponsored)

written by Daisy Dagg March 21, 2018

Recently I went to the glorious Queenstown with one of my best buds Hannah Laity. We went to promote woman playing golf at the Nz Open at Milbrook with She Loves Golf. I was 7 months pregnant, I’m not sure what her excuse was, I think she’s just a GB and loves food as much as I do, but boy did we eat!

It’s always good to know eateries in destination towns so here’s a few foodie tips for your next trip there:

Amisfield Vinyard & Winery



Whether you have a big group of girlfriends or it’s just you and the hubby, this place is a must. I have been a fair few times now and it has never disappointed. If your up for it I highly recommend doing the chefs choice or degustation menu as this way you will indulge in things you would never normally order off the menu, like raspberry leather or a beetroot macroon. Just make sure they include the Paua pie in this, as this meal is probably my favourite from any restaurant, EVER. Also you absolutely have to try the Pinot Noir Rose, even rose haters would love this wine…. and it’s tradition to get a photo on the tractor so get amongst it!



This was my first experience of Rata. I’m a huge fan of Josh Emmet (silver fox) so I was really excited to go here. I absolutely love Madam Woo also and Rata did not disappoint. You have to start with the Agria Potato bread. Holy smokes this bread was glorious but what got me attached and made us order two of them was the chive & cream fraiche spread. Hallelujah! Anyway the interiors was gorgeous and I really enjoyed my eating experience here. I got the crayfish ravioli which was absolutely delicious and Hannah got the duck which she was still raving about a few days later. Overall I highly recommended a dining experience here. Loved it!

Bespoke Platters

This is a Christchurch company I have used before that is now in Queenstown. Honestly these platters are the platters of all platters!! They are actually next level and chocker block full of all the best antipasto goodies you could ever imagine. If you have a work function, event or are just having a few people around for a drink this company deliver these platters to you and are highly highly worth every penny.

Bazaar – QT Queenstown

I had no idea that this place was even in Queenstown but apparently it’s fairly new. Hannah said the one on the Gold Cost was incredible and she sold me as soon as she said Buffet. I’m a Sagittarius and absolutely love variation. The hubby gets so annoyed at me when we go out to restaurants and I order three entrees instead of a main. I absolutely love trying lots of different foods. I also look up the restaurant menu in advance, study it and choose what I’m going to get before I even get to the restaurant… such a nerd ha! Anyway the view from this restaurant over Lake Wakatipu was awesome. We arrived and they sat us at a window seat in a full romantic setting and they whipped me up the most delicious mocktail so we were off to a great start.

They take you over and show you what’s on offer and introduce you to the chefs. There was a variety of food including an antipasto platter arrangement, salad bar, Asian fusion bar, meat bar & a few other arrangements including pizza and paella. And then there was the dessert window. This really hit the pregnancy sweet spot! Beautiful brownie, cakes, crumble, tarts and your very own soft serve machine with toppings. It was glorious!

Overall a really fun and different dining experience. Would be great for a date night or to take a group for some fun!

Remarkables Sweet Shop

This wee little shop is found in Queenstown CBD but also at the airport. It is filled with all the old school lollies you can no longer purchase – a wee trip down memory lane! But the fudge!! You have to try the fudge. Thy often let you try some out and it is actually super delicious. I got cookies & cream, jelly tip and pineapple lump fudge. I took it home and cut it in to little smaller squares as you don’t need much of it, popped it in a container in the fridge and have been enjoying it with a cuppa tea all week.

Obviously there are many more amazing eateries and experiences in Queenstown but this was all I could squeeze in on this trip.

Queenstown is one of my favourite places in NZ with the most incredible scenery, eateries,l and experiences . If you haven’t been here before I highly suggest you book a trip!

Hope you have enjoyed reading as I certainly enjoyed eating my way around this beautiful South Island town.

Daisy xx

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