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Three becomes Four

written by Daisy Dagg February 4, 2018

Well, what a bloody surprise it was to find out when Arlo was only 6 months old that I was six weeks pregnant with number two, a gorgeous surprise might I add. Arlo was a bit of a fertility battle with endometriosis, my hormones all over the show and ovulation times not exactly that of a normal person. Trying for 12 months to get pregnant with Arlo I somehow thought I would totally be fine in the form of contraception, turns out I was very wrong! It was a shock and I was in disbelief for a few weeks. A huge range of emotions went through me – guilt, happiness, disbelief, confusion etc. I think guilt being the biggest one of all. I felt guilty that I wouldn’t get to spend as long as I wanted with Arlo, without a newborn taking up all my time and attention.

Anyway, we are happy to announce that we are having another baby in May 2018 and Arlo will be 13 months old. It’s going to be tough, especially if Izzy is going to be away with rugby all the time as I have no family in Christchurch… but as with many other mothers before, we will survive. As with Arlo, we did a test called a Harmony test, or a gene site test which picks up any chromosomal defects and it also can tell the gender. It is a very accurate test and only involves a simple blood test. However, it does cost around $700 and has to be sent to Australia. You usually get the results within 5-10 working days.

Below is a wee gender reveal video and Izzy had no idea what I was up to; neither did our next door neighbour Mandy who was filming it. Wait for Arlo’s reaction at the end, it’s amazing!

Daisy xx

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