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My top 5 favourite fitness activities

written by Daisy Dagg February 4, 2018

Hot Yoga

When I’m not pregnant I absolutely love hot yoga. This isn’t Bikram Yoga but different yoga classes including Hot Flow, Yin, Ying Yang & Power Vinyasa all done in temperatures between 30-40 degrees. The benefits are endless and include
increased flexibility, improved respiration, energy and vitality, weight reduction, improved muscle strength and tone and cardio and circulatory health. I use yoga more for my mental health rather than physical exertion so mostly I stick to a Yin class in 30 degrees. I have a bit of anxiety sometimes so I love to just go into the class knowing I have an hour to focus on myself.

Reformer Pilates

I did an 8-week introductory course in reformer Pilates last year a couple of months after having Arlo. It was such a great form of exercise to get me back into fitness and to restrengthen my core and pelvic floor muscles. The best part of it is that it was a mums and bubs class so we could take the kiddies along. We got together a group of 4 new mums and attended this class once a week. I am really keen to start this again this year and do a more advanced course.

Les Mills Gym Classes ā€“ Grit, RPM, Pump

Getting back to the gym about 3-month postpartum felt amazing! I am lucky enough to be a Les Mills Ambassador and I can’t rate this gym high enough. The facilities are top notch and the staff are super friendly and welcoming. I HATE prolonged exercise and I HATE running so the 30-minute classes including Grit, RPM and pump are my absolute favourites. These are quick, high-intensity workouts which leave you feeling buggered but refreshed. I try to go twice a week and put Arlo in the daycare there for 2 hours which is totally ideal.


The girls and I often get together for walks with the babies. A great way to get out in the fresh air, have a chinwag and exercise at the same time. We often add in a wee coffee or food break during the walk also. Walking has amazing health and fitness benefits and is a great way to get back into exercise after having a baby. It is also great for a mental break and can be timed in with when your baby is sleeping.

Social Sports ā€“ netball & tennis

I love team sports. This is my preferred method of fitness over going for a run. Iā€™m hugely competitive so sometimes I have to remind myself to tone it down a notch in social netball. The girls and I went to a social netball day last year on a Tuesday where we could take the babies and leave them with a couple of minders while we played. It’s sometimes hard to find mums and bubs forms of exercise so this was fantastic having great social, mental and physical benefits along with a wee break from motherhood.

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