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My Top 5 Newborn Essentials

written by Daisy Dagg February 4, 2018

Little Hope & Co Cocoon

These beautiful little cocoons made from NZ wool provide a little safe haven for bubs in all sorts of places. Arlo was born teeny tiny at 2.9kg so he looked like a wee dot in his bassinet. I put a stretchy cotton fitted bassinet sheet over it and placed it in his bassinet for the first few months to keep him as snug as a bug. When travelling I placed it in the bottom of my suitcase and took it with me as a nest for him to sleep in when at other people’s places. And on the odd occasion, I kept it in my lounge and put him to sleep in during it to keep him close to me (because that’s what we are like in the first few months with our first baby). Anyway, these are gorgeously made, come in a few different patterns and a warm little sanctuary for bubs either at home or on the go. You can get these by following this link https://littlehopeandco.co.nz/

Milk Snob Cover

These are my go-to baby presents for people. I absolutely love them. They slip over the capsule preventing wind or nosey people peering in! You can also use them out and about when breastfeeding in public also. I get them from the Milk Snob website and there are lots of different patterns you can choose from

ZAZU Dex The Dog

This is my absolute savour at night. It has white noise, a heartbeat, musical and rain sounds and it has a feature in which it will automatically come on when a loud sound like a cry is made. So basically if Arlo wakes up during the night and is just after a bit of comfort, this starts playing and he falls back to sleep which saves me from getting my lazy butt out of bed.  I got mine from Baby City.

Love to Dream Swaddle

Arlo HATED being swaddled. Every time I tried he would wriggle and wriggle until he had freed his hands. Then he would sleep with his hands up. I got recommended these by a friend and they were absolutely awesome as they still provide that snugly little haven for bubs but allow them to have their hands up. They come in a few different sizes and colours and I got mine from Baby City.

Bonds Bonds Bonds!

It took me a while to find the perfect maternity bra – looked at Kmart, The Warehouse, Heidi Klum and cotton on then found the perfect range at Bonds. Highly recommend them for comfort and ease. I purchased a range online  https://www.bonds.com.au/womens/maternity.html Also there is nothing better than a Bonds wondersuit for bubs to sleep in at night, so easy with the zips and no little toggle buttons you have to try do up at 2am when already sleep deprived!

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